Cybersecurity, Threat Detection and Digital Forensics

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As public and private organizations broaden their horizons, societal digitization has led to unprecedented efficiencies. Multi-national corporations can interact with anyone, anywhere in the world. And this interconnected ecosystem is the backbone of global commerce. Yet skilled threat actors spy an opportunity, meaning cybersecurity, threat detection, and digital forensics have a more crucial role to play than ever.

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At Cyber Ventures, we work with public and private clients to establish the safeguards and protocols necessary to enable enduring cyber resilience. We focus on mission-critical strategic telecom security, sensitive data protection, and technical regulation compliance — with state-of-the-art services and in-house training programs ensuring your organization’s cyber-defense stands strong for decades.


Every entity is different. Protect your organization from emerging cyber-threats and prepare your team to handle any industry’s unique cybersecurity needs.
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Cyber-risks evolve every day. Consolidate your situational awareness and grow your expertise with specialist training and knowledge-building conferences.
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Few situations are clear cut. R&D unearths new ways to safeguard innovative products and services, and Cyber Ventures will always search for novel solutions.
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venture capital investment

As our name suggests, Cyber Ventures SA is also an early-stage venture capital firm. We invest in disruptive solutions to help ambitious start-ups hit profitability.
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