The vision stems from our time working for the best-known telecom brands and experience as independent consultants.
Our aspiration for change will never waver. And today, Cyber Ventures’ global network of cyber forensics specialists develops innovative, bespoke solutions that protect and unlock significant business value.

our assets

Executive Leadership

Our executive leadership oversees a team of sector specialists who stand ready to manage any security-related challenge, acting as a cybersecurity task force you can call upon at any time.

In-House Team

Our in-house team works in tandem with first-rate partners and independent professionals across three continents, providing comprehensive solutions and visible, test-driven results.

Distributed Structure

Our distributed structure enables access to talented consultants who can offer the flexibility and reactivity required for the immaculate execution of sensitive cybersecurity operations.

Our Values


React, adapt, or evolve as necessary to deliver solutions and results that surpass industry standards.


Build trusting relationships based on ethics and loyalty: the only way to succeed in an industry as sensitive as cybersecurity.


Prize impact over intent, focusing on the confident pursuit of the highest quality through a pragmatic, efficient methodology.


Continually research the latest technological advances while keeping up to date with industry-wide governance.


Work as one to ensure alignment, efficiency, and an ongoing commitment to delivering tangible, measurable results.